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Large batteries to master up to 50 miles between charges, and still allows carrying in one hand. With 61 (base version) to 65 (PRO version) pounds this scooter is the lightest in its class. It folds down easily and is still portable, despite its strong performance.The two powerful brushless 60V 1000W motors deliver fun acceleration and climb up to 35% inclines with ease. Ride in single motor mode up to 30 mph while conserving your battery or switch on the second motor for extra acceleration and 40 mph top speed

The KAABO MANTIS electric scooter is a sporty model for big fans of electric scooters. 

Equipped with its two engines 2 x 1000W, it allows him to reach a speed of 25 km / h, up to 60 km / h unrestrained. 

Its battery of 60V 24,5Ah allows to perform 120 km for a recharge time of 12 hours. 

Semi-hydraulic disc brakes, installed at the front and at the rear, provide effective braking for your safety.

Mantis PRO 24.5ah 27A minimotor display controller electric scooter with 40 mph top speed

Road comfort is controlled by the front and rear suspension as well as these 10-inch tires, ensuring optimal driving. 

A front and rear lighting, as well as an LED stop light is installed on the scooter for visibility even in the middle of the night. 

It has the LCD screen "EY3" of the famous Korean manufacturer MINIMOTORS, setting the speed modes and driving or the battery meter. 

Its chassis supports a load of 120 kg, for a weight of 30 kg. 


The front and rear advanced swing arm spring suspension delivers a smooth ride on any terrain. Ride over grass or on dirt trails,jump a curb in the city, the MANTIS electric scooter can handle pretty much any reasonable ground condition. Dual semi-hydraulic disc brakes in the base version and full hydraulic brakes in the PRO version provide full control during your ride. The advanced display/throttle combination allows configuration of speed limit, cruise control and regenerative braking strength.
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Manufacturer’s Warranty:
  1. Consumable parts are not included as part of the warranty;
  1. The following chart displays whats covered in your warranty. 
Quality issues
Warranty period
Free repair
The rubber rim is severely broken and the motor cannot be used.
One year
Boost motor
Cannot be used under the natural conditions. (In addition to impact and other external damage)
Three months
Failure in normal use.
One year
Failure in normal use.
Three months
Lithium battery
Cannot be discharged under normal use.
One year
Body structure
Deform or fracture under normal use etc., resulting in failure to continue using.
Six months
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