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Shenzhen Mengzhi Technology Co., Ltd.



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Tire Size
Product Details:
Brand Name: ARW/Bon
Model Name: MZ3

Max Speed: 40mph
Max Weight Load: 330lbs
Max Range: 38 Miles
Max Slope: 35Degrees
Motor Power: 48V 2500W
Battery: 48V 16Ah Samsung Battery
Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
Braking System: Disc Breaks
Tires: 11” Vacuum Off-Road Tires
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Throttle Type: Shiatsu
Foldable: YES
Waterproof: YES
Total Weight:67lbs

* LED Headlights
* Turning Signals LEDS
* Disc Break LEDS
* Key Ignition with Keys
* Liquid Crystal Display
* Loud Horn
* Adjustable Handlebars
* Gear Shifting
* Hydraulic Shock Absorption Springs
* Easy-Fold

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